Started in 2008, the GE-Genigraphics Art Society is a non-commercial, educational, alumni organization of former Genigraphics Corporation employees and friends which celebrates the pioneering graphics work of the original, GE-founded, Genigraphics Corporation and its employees (1973 to 1994). The organization sponsors this website and a popular Facebook Alumni Group.

Because of a complaint to Facebook once again, Facebook removed the popular Genigraphics Society alumini group once again - despite having an agreement allowing us to use the Genigraphics name and keep the group.

Immediately after we fulfilled our part of our compromise agreement (which included the transfer of our two Genigraphics domain names at no charge) the Facebook Group was censored again. We have now lost over 250 images of alumni-submitted slides, ephemera, artwork, photos, writings, scans and other memorabilia from the original Genigraphics Corporation. A documentary film was in planning stages based upon the Facebook Group.

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We always thought that Facebook was all about fan pages, alumni organizations and similar groups. Not anymore.

THOUGHTS ON FACEBOOK: Facebook does not represent or care about you, your friends, or your concerns – they only care about their interests and the interests of their real customers – businesses and potential advertisers. Their seemingly warm and fuzzy "Social Network" is actually a nefarious front end for a secretive private enterprise whose sole purpose is to harvest, mine and repurpose all our personal comments and data for the sake of selling games and client's products back to us through their targeted banner ads. The more suckers that sign up and share their lives, the more powerful they become. Facebook is now a faceless, monolithic oiligarchy which punishes anyone reported to be offending anyone else for almost any reason by pulling their content, but offers virtually no recourse for arbitration; with no contact information offered other than a general email address. In their eyes you are guilty with no opportunity to defend yourself. And while Facebook knows way too much about you - we know practically nothing about them.

This website and organization are not affiliated in any way with Genigraphics LLC, In Focus Systems, General Electric, Microsoft, or the defunct original Genigraphics Corporation. The website and alumni organization's purpose is to preserve, document and celebrate the achievements of the original GE-created Genigraphics Corporation, the early, influential computer graphics company (in business from 1973 to 1994). To contact the GAS email or
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