The Genigraphics Art Society was created for the enjoyment and appreciation of all former employees of the Genigraphics Corporation, as well as for employees of the many companies that utilized Genigraphics equipment – and anyone with an interest in the early years of the computer graphics industry. Former Genigraphics artists and employees worldwide are encouraged to join the G.P.S. to connect with others and document their experiences from this first generation of computer graphics workers. This site is dedicated to all the employees of the original Genigraphics Corporation and all Genigraphics artists worldwide. Join us to share your passion for computer graphics and commemorate the company that helped start the graphics technology revolution.
All original artwork and images are copyright The GE-Genigraphics Art Society, 2011, unless otherwise noted and cannot be reproduced without permission. All rights reserved.
Vintage symbols and drawings from the original Genigraphics Reference Guide as displayed on are Adobe Illustrator recreations by Abby Weissman based upon original reference materials and are copyright The Genigraphics Art Society, 2011,
This website and organization are not affiliated in any way with the current Genigraphics company, In Focus Systems, General Electric, or the defunct Genigraphics Corporation. The website and organization's purpose is to preserve, document and celebrate the achievements of the Genigraphics Corporation, the early, influential computer graphics company (in business from 1973 to 1994).
This website was created by Abby Weissman, 2011. Genigraphics artist/designer from 1981 to 1994. To contact the G.A.S. email